Need a little help?


Flat Panel mounting, audio system setup, remote programming...

Do you just need a little help mounting your new or existing flat panel TV on the wall? Are all those buttons on that new 9.1 THX Theater receiver a little scary? Or maybe you just need to get that darn remote talking to all of your equipment so you can put the other billion of them in a drawer. At Elite Audio Video Systems no job is too big or too small. 

Cable Management Solutions.

Cables are ugly. We fix that. Enough said. Give us a call.

Programable Remote Control

Put all the rest of those remotes in a drawer and forget about them! Our Pro Control programmable remote control will not only replace all of your remotes, but it will let you watch TV or movies etc with one touch. We can program all of your equipment to turn on and everything change to the correct input all by touching one button on the remote.


No more of this: Find TV Remote, turn TV on. Find Receiver remote, turn receiver on. Find Blu-Ray remote, turn Blu-Ray player on. Why didn't that work? That is not the Blu-Ray remote its the VCR remote. Do we even have a VCR anymore? Found the Blu-Ray remote, turn Blu-Ray player on. Find reciever remote again, make sure the Receiver is on the right input. Find Blu-Ray remote again, push play. Find Receiver remote again to control volume. Enjoy movie. 


Instead, with our Pro Control remote, just touch "Blu-Ray" press play and enjoy your movie. Seriously, it is that easy.