"It's 2021. Why are we living like it's 1979?"



Imagine a home where lighting adjusts automatically to the time of day, music follows you from room to room, and a myriad of other automatic options are available at the the sound or your voice, even from a remote location.

Programable Remote Control

Put all the rest of those remotes in a drawer and forget about them! Our Logitech Harmony programmable remote control will not only replace all of your remotes, but it will let you watch TV or movies etc with one touch. We can program all of your equipment to turn on and everything change to the correct input all by touching one button on the remote.


No more of this: Find TV Remote, turn TV on. Find Receiver remote, turn receiver on. Find Blu-Ray remote, turn Blu-Ray player on. Why didn't that work? That is not the Blu-Ray remote its the VCR remote. Do we even have a VCR anymore? Found the Blu-Ray remote, turn Blu-Ray player on. Find receiver remote again, make sure the Receiver is on the right input. Find Blu-Ray remote again, push play. Find Receiver remote again to control volume. Enjoy movie. 


Instead, with our Harmony remote, just touch "Watch Movie" press play and enjoy. Seriously, it is that easy.



Smart Lighting

Smart Shades and Blinds

What if you could wake up every morning to automatically opened blinds before you crawl out from underneath the covers? Well, thanks to smart shades, you can. Motorized shades are nothing new to the world of home design. But the light-blocking treatments have undergone a convenient—and smart—update in recent years.

What are smart Shades/Blinds?

Like regular window treatments, smart Shades offer privacy, allow you to control the amount of outdoor light coming into your home, and may provide some relief to your energy bill by blocking out heat from the sun or holding it in during the cold winter nights. And, just like typical window coverings, smart shades come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and designs. What sets smart blinds apart from run-of-the-mill curtains and shades is how you control them. You don’t have to pull on a cord or twirl a wand to open and close smart blinds—just let Alexa (or another home automation platform) handle that for you.

Smart blinds can be set to an automated schedule. This feature can be helpful if you travel frequently and want to give the appearance that you’re home by opening and closing the blinds each day. The functionality is also useful so you never have to remember to adjust the blinds again in the morning or at night. Blocking outside light will help you sleep better, and letting in the sunshine will help you wake up in the mornings.

Electronic smart window treatments are also ideal for those nights when you want more privacy but you don’t want to get off the couch or crawl out of bed. Or, when you’re relaxing on the couch on a weekend morning and want to let some light in. You can simply reach over and use your mobile device or tablet to open and close the blinds, or just call out for Alexa or Google to get the job done.